Summer Reading List: PART 1

stay tuned for part 2


This is what I thought of my yearly English Teacher every time she forced us to READ over the summer from a list of books that looked lamer than…. something super lame.. Yea parents, like I’m super psyched to now be allowed to read from the bigger kids book list. I’ve been waiting all thru elementary school for this. BARF. 


Lucky for you, I have put together a summer reading list of all of my favorite books so you can maybe actually read a book that doesn’t suck and also look smart on the subway and will be well on your way to not end up a literary retard with no taste.

 If some one has ever asked you what their favorite book is and they’re like.. “uhhh DaVinci Code?” You should red flag them immediately and be sure they have issues.  They need this list more than…

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