ONLY ONE: Kanye’s new amazing video game project


Kanye West is a busy man. He’s a producer, hip-hop artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur and the husband of Kim Kardashian. When he’s not busy driving sneakerheads and the streetwear world crazy dropping his clothing line or polishing up and preparing to release a second album in one year, what does he do? DUH. He creates video games.

kqbijonboclew4jm1j0tSadly I’ve already seen this glorious video but I feel like I could watch it over and over and not get sick of its crazy. I saw the sneak peek of a video game involving ‘Ye’s mother that we saw during the The Life of Pablo unveiling at Madison Square Garden  but I figured it was never going to actually materialize.. well… It’s happening.

Kanye West has just released the trailer forOnly Onea video game that sees his dead mother ascend through the sky to the pearly gates of heaven on winged horseback. And he released it at E3, the biggest video game trade show on the planet.

Here’s another little nugget of awesomeness:  Apparently, when Kanye went to talk to the designers about this project ‘Ye told them about his desire to go to school and learn how to create video games before he got into hip-hop. (yea fucking right) If he designed anything close to this before he was famous he would probably be fired on the spot.

kanye-west-releases-trailer-of-his-video-game-only-one-about-his-mother-going-to-heaven-837315So I don’t know what the ultimate goal of the game is.. i’m guessing to get Donda West to heaven (not sure what is going to stand in her way.. i mean she is flying on a magical pegasus with angels and a perfect sunset behind her.. We will see. I”m buying this shit as soon as it comes out.

There’s no release date confirmed as yet, but this is Kanye we’re talking about. It could release tomorrow for all we know. WATCH OUT!



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