Justin Bieber massacres the already overplayed “One Dance” by DRAKE

Now I know that this is probably pretty old news but I had to comment on the fact that people are losing their shit about this remix. I’ve heard at least a dozen people say “this is going to be the hottest song of the summer.”

  1. Was this even a collaboration or did biebs get his sticky little paws on it and thought it would be cool to sing some words over Drakes beat and call it the hottest song this summer
  2. This song is only popular because its catchy in a kindof sickly way that just gets it stuck in your head until you’re singing it in your sleep
  3. The song did help me learn what OT means, thats cool
  4. Justin Bieber is a prepubescent turd and Drake should be upset that his already arguably shitty #1 hit is being taken over by a teenage shithead

I guess thats it. what do y’all think about this remix?




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