OPEN POST: Watch Kendall Jenner & Friends Get Dreamy For ‘LOVE’ Magazine — and why this should not have happened

Models Kendall Jenner, Sara Sampaio and Taylor Hill have taken to tree swings in a dreamy video for LOVE magazine. The clip, titled “Dreams of Mickey,” was shot by illustrious photographer Alasdair Mclellan and celebrates the new Mickey Mouse-inspired clothing and accessories collaboration between New York fashion label Coach and Disney. Jenner and co. are seen playfully…

via Watch Kendall Jenner & Friends Get Dreamy For ‘LOVE’ Magazine — Highsnobiety

Normally I don’t mind Kendall Jenner and I absolutely adore LOVE magazine but I am so sick of her plain jane bullshit being on the cover of everything known to man. Shes hot, but shes not THAT HOT. and here she is tramping around in some Mickey Mouse wear? no doubt because Alasdair Mclellan is photographing the whole disaster.

I’m sorry but this mess looks like a hello kitty add gone wrong. I don’t think Mickey would appreciate his name written in what looks like a little girls diary doodles with a bunch of hearts and stars around it. Not to mention that black plastic blow up Mickey doll looks like something out of a nightmare.

Nothing about this says fashion, sexy or in anyway okay. I wonder if Kris Jenner was okay with her daughter whoring out some crappy Disney apparel while playing in an old tire swing trying to look all, “i’m the girl next door but also incredibly hot.. look at the cool sweater i’m sporting, its like Disney but more with the times.” We all know the Kardashian girls are on a tight leash by that lady.

One of the worst parts about this ad, besides the bedazzled coulottes and scary plastic mickey is that they are actually trying to sell bags in this ad. I wouldn’t be seen in my grave with one of those bags. LOVE magazine.. let’s try to step it up a little next time. and please get some real models too.




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