We Found Love in a HOPELESS Place

This video reminds me of my first love. I’m still so obsessed w it everytime I see it. Plus it reminds me of skins so i extra love it.

Anyway, lamely enough I decided to make a mix of love songs that i… uhh. love. 

I’d never normally make a playlist like this unless i was currently involved with new love.. not still involved with evil scumbag souless ex (aka previously mentioned first love) A relationship that only took ten years to escape and barely alive. Anyway, the mis is super long and has like super random songs happy and sad.. for all the times you (or more importantly.. i) was in complete lust or  in a heartbreak shit tornado.


Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry!! from espencergreen on 8tracks.

These posts haven’t been very fashion forward so I’m also posting a few pix of some beautiful people.. who happen to be coupled… one couple deceased but they were still to die. 

and the gorge Cartier film that ups the ante on all my future Christmas gifts. 🙂 see below.

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