Thank you. And thank you to the traditional landowners of Summer Heights, the Wurundjeri people. My name is Ja’mie. J-A-apostrophe-M-I-E. Weird name, I know. But you’ll get used to it. Yes, I come from one of the most expensive private girls schools in the state, but I’m actually really cool. Please don’t be intimidated by me. People always go “Private schools create better citizens,” but I would say they create better quality citizens. Studies have shown that students from private schools are more likely to get into Uni and end up making a lot more money; while wife-beaters and rapists are nearly all public-school educated. Sorry, no offense, but it’s true.


(giving slideshow) That’s me being an idiot. My friends say that I look like Mischa Barton in that photo. I so don’t. Oh my god. That’s from my modeling portfolio. They should not be in there. That’s really embarrassing. I’m up to a thousand friends on MySpace, and I could always do with more. 

22 Times Ja'mie King Was The Most Real And Inspiring Person On Television[crying, on the phone] Mom it’s me. I’m really upset. You’ve got to come and pick me up. ‘Cause everyone’s being a bitch to me. I should never have come here. They don’t even have fucking grass on their oval. It’s all just dirt. I am not going to see the school councilor you bitch! I hate this school. I do not want to be here. I want to fucking go back to Hillford. I’ll trash my room and you will be fucking cleaning it up, okay? I will have no hesitation in smashing your doll’s cupboard with a hammer, Mom. I’m serious. Or maybe I’ll get pregnant. Maybe I’ll just go and root some teacher or something and get pregnant and then you deal with that. You’ll have to fucking raise the baby. Is that what you want? I am seriously gonna hyperventilate and die and it will be your fault. I am not fucking getting on the train home! The train stations out in the suburbs here are seriously fucked up. I’m gonna get raped or something and then I’ll be in counseling for the rest of my life and it will be your fault! Why are you the biggest bitch in the world to me? I’m 16, mom. In a couples years time I’m going to be fucking out of your life. I’m not even going to fucking invite you to my wedding. Do you love me? If you fucking love me you will do as I fucking say. I just want to go back to Hillford. That is where I belong. I’m not supposed to be here. I’m a fucking private-school girl.
also: its hard not to be a hater  against  Terry Richardson and Cyley getting together for some serious douchefuckery  of a music video to a song that sucks blue balls anywya. what happened to DANCING IN THE USA? please. 


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