So I don’t know if i need to give a recap of the glorious events that happened yesterday. My favorite train wreck is at it again and i’m loving it.

I’ve always had a (sick) nostalgia for the days when Britney shaved her head, beat some dudes car w/ an umbrella and then straight up took her pants off in a club OH YEA.. and got out of a car w no underwear for all to see… er maybe all of the old faves did that…

 Then when Lindsay and Nicole Richie decided to turn into emaciated vampires for a while.. and then lindsay decided she was a lesbian and everytime she was seen w/ Sam Ro and she looked like a stoned/drunken/drugged up mess for months…and don’t forget when Paris and Nicole were fighting over a party thrown in honor of a leaked sex tape. Oh, my favorite jail birds. Unfortunately for my entertainment’s sake, there is only one who is still at it: LINDSAY!!

So basically Lilo punched some girl named Tiffany (it had to be Tiffany, or Crystal or.. well Britney… haha)  outside Avenue in NYC last night. according dlisted to my celeb gossip site of choice:

LiLo not only had the sweet nectar running through her veins, but she was also filling her nostrils with coke. We all know that LiLo turns on the “cunt” when she’s high on coke, so she snapped when Tiffany asked to take a picture with her. LiLo refused to pose with Tiffany, so Tiffany shrugged and kept dancing with her friends. LiLo wouldn’t let it go and later on, she shoved Tiffany before throwing a fist. LiLo kicked, screamed and spit at Tiffany until the fight was broken up.

HAHAHAHAHAH so great. anyway the story gets better and better. Apparently Tiffany was just trying to give Lins a palm reading (say what?????) MORE QUOTES: I JUST CAN’T GET it all in:

Tiffany is supposedly a “prominent” palm reader and aura analyst who owns a few psychic salons in Florida. I should’ve known that sooner or later this wreck of a story would feature a cameo appearance by Florida. Tiffany says that when she saw Lindsay Lohan at Avenue early this morning, she instantly had a premonition. Tiffany’s premonition must’ve been that she was going to get a whole lot of media attention and free publicity after getting punched by a Lohan. Tiffany asked LiLo if she could give her a free physic reading and LiLo shouted at her, “Give me my space.” As Tiffany and her friend walked away, her friend heard LiLo call her a “fucking Gypsy.” The friend came at LiLo, called her a “whore” and said “Liz & Dick sucked.” LiLo went crazy and punched Tiffany in the face. Don’t you hate when your friend starts some shit and you’re the one who gets punched in the face? 

Anyway, heres a priceless clip of our favorite jailbird kicking her assistant out of the SUV after he bailed her out of jail: This is such a great story you couldn’t just make it up. Poor girl. what the hell is wrong w her?

sadly I do have some of Lindsay’s music when she released a horrid pop album thats good for the gym but you can tell it is slowly killing you as well.. So i’m going to force this upon your ears. appologies. hahaha. Don’t worry. its not all her horrible music. the theme is basically being a fuck up. so thats fun.

enjoy mes cheries. and stay out of trouble this weekend!

ps. if you fill out the little lunchtime poll on the sidebar it would make me a happy girl. just a suggestion.


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