I’M SEXY AND I KNOW IT: Anita Rhea Tepp

Okay is this is going to be my first attempt at interviewing someone. Yes, its totally random but I mean, so it this whole damn blog.

The life and times of a muse: Rhea Tepp


Rhea Tepp and I went to high school in
Seattle but she currently lives in LA in what I would fondly refer to a bohemian lifestyle.

Basically if we lived in the 60’s I would consider her and her merry band of friends would all be full fledged hippies (not unlike her parents, her mother was a groupie and fucked Joe Cocker and her father lived in a nudist colony for a considerable amount of time.. Stories I always loved to hear when I came over.. mostly bc of how much they embarrassed Rhea)

I took some time during a recent phone call to ask her a few questions about her life and other random shit since I felt like playing the part of a reporter and I think i’d be an awesome employee for INTERVIEW Magazine.. (note how I used the Interview w/ Kate and Naomi on it.. plus if you’re a boy you get to see boobies. AHAHAHA) Anyway, You know INTERVIEW has been waiting to hire a girl like me!! So I thought I’d figure out if I had any natural talent stored away.

I knew Rhea was the perfect interviewee for my first attempt since she doesn’t give a shit and hopefully wouldn’t judge me since we basically grew into sisters during our high school years. (if she is reading this she is probably thinking to herself: “No, I judged you”)

A little more about our fascinating subject at hand: she grew up in Seattle and has two deceased cats named Julia and Bruce and a younger brother who has the hottest friend of all history. Hahahaha that’s an exaggeration.

But seriously, hes total marriage material. Yale graduate, Law school, everything. YUM. Rhea and I are totally different but were able to bond over similar attitudes towards life over stolen liquor from our parents liquor cabinets while too young to know what we were really talking about. It was all very deep.



First I asked her about how she likes living in LA which lead us into a conversation about why people are so quick to hate on LA. (I told her about the SNL skit the Californian’s which she had never heard of… but then again she has a life and who watches SNL unless they are in a doomed relationship and sit around on a Saturday night w/ their shitty boyfriend watching NBC? Answer: me)

hahahahaha altho its still so fucking funny. OMG HAHAHAHA.

Rhea: I feel that NoCal and the Pacific Northwest are major haters of LA and NYC is too (yes, she was definitely right on w/ that) but SoCal doesn’t have a reversal hate towards any of these places so I don’t understand why we are the victims here, unless people are jealous. Maybe NYC, but NYC hates LA more for some reason.

Me: Maybe because Biggie died there.. we may never know.

Rhea: people living in SoCal are so busy defending their city from all the haters that there is really no time to hate any other places so I don’t really have any negative feelings towards any places: including Canada. (Thank You! WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE CANADA???everyone is a bunch of fascists!)

I went on to ask Rhea some questions that I hoped would spark a bit more interesting conversation but nothing seemed to get any theoretical balls rolling.

Me: If you had $10,000 given to you what would you do?
Rhea: pay my rent

* YAWN* come on… give me SOMETHING to work with here

Me: Do you have a favorite food?
Rhea: Thai and Indian

Me: What are your favorite dishes from those cuisines?
Rhea: Medium Spicy Pad Thai and Aloo Saag.. and Naan.


Me: Is there a food you enjoy cooking/making?
Rhea: Sandwiches

Really???? I was going to have to start making up answers here… 

Me: Is there a certain sandwich that you specialize in?
Rhea: No. All sandwiches

I guess she is just your average girl at heart who prefers mainstream ethnic dishes, enjoys making any type of sandwiches and needs to get her rent paid…. hmm. let’s dig deeper
I moved on to the topic of her tattoos since she is working on a sleeve currently and let’s her housemates practice on her when needed. This unfortunately didn’t get me much further in terms of thought-provoking answers or discussions:

Me: That is very exciting you are working on a sleeve. Is there going to be a theme?
Rhea: No

 Me: Do you have a favorite Tattoo?

Rhea: that is too hard to answer.

Well, that answers that. 

This interview was pretty much ready to kill us both with boredom which wasn’t what I expected from one of the funniest girls in my arsenal of girlfriends. I’ll leave it up to myself here to give Rhea a wall of praise (and no, not for her interviewing skills)
She has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. Seriously, i’m not just saying that. I’m hiring her to sing in my wedding.. when that happens.. IT WILL!! She’s in like a million bands.. or has been  but her most recent music can be found here:

She also organized the first LA Zine Fest ever which is pretty fucking awesome. I don’t know a lot about zines and I don’t even know if  I believe in the concept of a zine but whatever they are.. Rhea took it upon herself to single handily (almost) put together and run LA’s first festival for these personalized homemade mini magazines with pictures.

Rhea explained to me that this blog in print with some pictures would be considered a zine.. to which I was surprised since this blog is pretty ridiculous…. But when have my opinions mattered? She got into zines when she was 19 and was hooked. Kinda like I was hooked on Edie when I discovered she existed..

What is even cooler.. the XGames covered the Zine Fest!!! See vidie below.

AND.. just when things couldn’t get better for Rhea’s zine carreer she was asked to attend coachella fully paid to teach a zine workshop. I’m very seriously considering going to see her!!! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to coachella!!.. and of course I would steal her backstage passes.. AND celebrity watch! I just loked at the lineup and they just added BLUR. YUM I’ve alwyas had a thing for liam gallagher since i was a wee pre pubescent girl. hahaha.

Maybe i’ll even take a zine making class at the workshop.. where i will learn to use a printer and print this blog out. maybe in color. hahaha or i’ll just make my own drawings that go w. every post. That sounds better.

If you have interest in zines including what they are and why you should care about them contact ms. Zine @ rhea@lazinefest.com is  or rheagogo@gmail.com. You might even get to meet her and her sexy self. 


I’m not sure if ‘m ready for interview yet.. but perhaps i’ll keep trying… one day.

Anyway Rhea and I are definitely two very different peas in a pod. I”m pretty sure my most hipster-fied outfit/music would be considered a mainstream waste of time and money to her.. (which it would be) and I love that because as you know, hipsters are the bane of my existence. But as long as we can continue to get along while I spend too much money on clothing and enjoy mainstream pop music and while at the same time she runs a radio station out of her living room (where her band also holds impromptu concerts) and creates independent local festivals in the DIY culture of LA I’m more that psyched.. and I’ll add that I DID give her her first Pixies CD back in 199? 🙂



OH and here is your mix for today. I felt like a little brit rock after talking about BLUR.



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