I KNEW there was something else..

So if you’re looking for something to let you know the world is an unfair place: watch this video. Cute little Sally Draper grew up into an adorable little fashionista w/ a closet i’d probably majorly alter my morals to get my hands on. It hasn’t been since little Dakota Fanning was in a Marc Jacobs ad at the ripe young age of like 6 that i’ve been this jealous.  hahaha. naw. jk. as opposed to perfect Dakota i’m not gonna be a hater about Kiernan (YET) she looks super cute…… good for her. she just really better fucking appreciate that specially made Oscar de la renta children’s line she buys from. hahahah. I found this clip in suri’s burn book. and if suri approves so do i. Yea,  take advice from a blog about a famous 5 year old.

k. xoxo


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