Goodbye Summertime

I don’t know why I’m being over dramatic.. but here is some music for the summer’s end.

My summer wasn’t exactly something I want to publish in a tell all.. AND I have always loved fall. but something abt summer being over is kinda sad.. non? It’s 100% likely ‘m being needlessly dramatic!

SO: last time I put up a “lunchtime poll” no one played and I got really pissed. hahaha clearly… but this time some awesome ppl actually polled in what they would do with five million dollars during the planet’s alien-induced apocalypse.

here are my faves:

  • ” give it to you”.. “why thank you!  I can always find ways to spend money! maybe I can manage to buy out the alien’s… TBD
  • ” spend it all on roulette. on red” interesting
  • “to to neiman’s so I can die in that dress I wanted to badly” I hear that.

So anyway, thanks for not sucking ass and participating. I heart you. And today I’ll post a new one.


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