COACHELLA: and how I won’t be there + other coveted items

Dear Readers,

It is that time of year when i go into a deep depression because I will not be attending Coachella yet again. And obvi not ONLY for the music.

Coachella embodies all that I want to be when I wear my sexy “festival” clothes. aka cut offs that don’t exist and some see thru tank w/ my hair not- did.


not to mention all the famous pretty people i’ll be missing in their “natural environment”. I hope I make it thru this time.


No, its okay. The line-up kinda sucks. (sorry for all the David Bowie fans, but he’s hella old now) Ghostland Observatory “give me the beat” makes up for most everything though. If that doesn’t put you in the mood… well, i’m sorry.

OTHER THINGS I NOW LOVE afer an un-needed stroll through both SAKS and bloomies:


I NEED THIS DRESS: WELL, first i need to lose like 10 lbs.. THEn. i need to wear this dress everyday this summer… wait.. no…. first i need to lose 10 lbs then i need some gorgeous new shoes… THEN. I need to wear this dress everyday this summer.


He is now one of my favorite designers. EVER.


2) any dress from RED VALENTINO. I didn’t even know this brand existed. Look at these dresses: how much cuter could they possibly be? ANSWER: Like… none cuter.

Plus VALENTINO reminds me of that part in Gossip Girl when little J is a retard and like steals one of her friend’s mom’s dresses to pawn it for another hideous dress…. and then when she wants the valentino back and is bruttally rebuffed the pawn shop lady goes

“its not my fault you don’t know how much a Valentino is worth”

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I don’t know why that line always stuck w/ me as one of the snottiest/funniest things ever. Well, let’s be serious.. GG is one of my favorite shows so its not like I have to try hard to memorise something i’ve seen a million times and think is hilarious anyway..  MOVING ON…


THIS is really something I shouldn’t like because i’m not:

a) 10 years old
b) made of millions that I should be spending on useless trinkets.. (and in this case i’m not kidding)
c) a dude trying to tell his gf that he loves her (DAMMIT… I’M LIKE 5 MONTHS LATE ON TRYING TO GET THIS FROM A BOY)

but this concept is so cute.. Pomaletto used to have this brand as an exclusve thing but now commoners like myself can experience the joy of buying each little trinket which a different saying.. (and conveniently cost like 300+) to amke an individualized charm bracelette that costs no less than 1k!

There is a little penguin that means “crazy in love” and a horse that means “le’s run away together” and a dolphin that means “i’ll follow you anywhere” PLUS half of the proceeds goes to WWF. I really don’t see a downside here. It;s like juicy’s tacky charms but tasteful and somewhat meaningful.. I could easily spend like multiple thousands buying these things for my friends.


OKAY, thats all for now.



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